The Dutch Settlers Society of Albany

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The current issue, as well as some past issues of The Dutch Settlers Society Yearbook are available to the general public for a donation.  For more information contact our Registrar:

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Major Articles in Dutch Settlers Society of Albany Yearbooks






Translation of Patent granted to Abr. Pietersen Vosburgh




Old Albany;

The Dutch grants along the south side of State Street;

Patents and Deeds



Housing and Homes of New Netherland;

Burial Record of Kilian V. Rensselaer;

Arent Van Curler and his letter to the Patroon;

Description of the Seal of the Society



A model of the City of Albany about 1700;

Letters to Evert Jansen Wendel;

Hendrik Gerritsen Van Wie, 1664-1690;

Hannacrois Kill



Some half-forgotten worthies of New Netherland;

Settlers of Rensselaerwyck, 1659-1664



Letter from Gov. Richard Nicolls to the Magistrates of Albany;

Executive Committee Report;

The ancestry of Domine Gideon Schaets in the Netherlands from the year 1520;

Date of settlement of the Lansing family in Beverwyck;

Miller Plan of Albany in 1695;

Albany in 1694;

Albany wills and other documents, 1665-1695



Deacon’s account book, 1652-1664

#8 & 9


Burial records, First Dutch Reformed Church of Albany, 1654-1862;

Index to Burial Records



Albany Wills and other documents, 1668-1687



The orphan chamber of Amsterdam;

The old Dutch kitchen in Fort Crailo



The Society’s float in the Albany Charter-Day parade;

The Dutch West India Company



Albany Notarial Papers, 1666-1693



Albany Notarial Papers, 1667-1687



Letter from Jeronimus De La Croix to the Commissary at Fort Orange and a hitherto unknown map relating to Surgeon Van der Bogaart’s journey into the Mohawk country, 1634-1635



To her majesty, Queen Wilhemina;

Protocol of Dirck Van Schelluyne, Secretary of the colony of Rensselaerwyck, 1660-1665



Letters to Adriaen Gerritsen Papendorp;

Evert Nolden, the first schoolmaster of Rensselaerwyck

#18 & 19


The Dutch fur traders of Fort Orange and Albany;

Early Records of Albany;

The Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Albany;

List of early members of the Albany DRC



18th Century merchants in Colonial Albany;

Gleanings from an old account book of the sloop Criestiena, 1753-1760;

A list of persons from Albany who were married in New York at the Reformed Dutch Church, 1639-1801;

Members of the Dutch Settlers Society of Albany and members of their families in the armed service

#21 & 22


Early Dutch life at Fort Orange and Beverwyck;

Deed to 10,000 acres – Teunis Slingerland from the Mohawk Indians;

Some incidents and information about the history of commerce and transportation pertaining to the City of Albany;

The ancestry of Jan Dareth;

Burying ground inscriptions, Town of Berne



Christmas and New Year ye ancient City of Albany;

Burying ground inscriptions, Town of Bethlehem



La Grange family genealogy, Town of Coeymans burying ground inscriptions

#25 & 26


The organizing of the DSS;

Gen. Philip Schuyler and the Schuyler Mansion



Albany, the unknown birthplace of the American union;

The beginnings of Albany, from settlement to charter

#28 & 29


Initiating the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Albany plan of union;

A hitherto unknown very early map of Albany;

Hendrik Jochemse Schoonmaker

#30 & 31


An appreciation of A.J.F. Van Lear;

A book review of The Massacre and notes on the Glen family;

Flags of the Netherlands;

Genealogical notes on the family of Albert Andriesse Bratt;

Listing of genealogical material deposited by the society in the manuscript and history section of the NYS library

#32 & 33


Notes on the Van Dyck ancestry;

Church records of Eastern NY;

A note on the genealogical material, old court house, Fonda, NY;

Corrections in the Genealogical data on the Albert Andrieese Bradt family in the 1954-1956 yearbook

#34 & 35


Year of history essay contest;

Two old wills (Wouter Quackenbos, Jr. and Jessen De Foreest);

A salute to Princess Beatrix;

Fonda Records wanted;

A doctor’s bill;

Corrections to the Van Dyck ancestry in the 1956-1958 yearbook;

Lansing bible records

#36 & 37


Adriaen Block’s  map;

Is Fort Orange older than New Amsterdam;

1618- The first peace;

A few hints on Dutch pronunciation;

The Slingerland family;

Two Slingerlant wills;

Family marriages;

Our earliest record;

Baptismal Records, Albany DRC, 1809-1823;

Family Bible records at the Albany Institute of History and Art

#37 & 38


The seal of the DSS;

Manufacturing & industry in Rensselaerwyck;

Census records of NYS;

The Clauw family



Our 40 years;

The Swart family;

Baptismal records, Albany DRC, 1823-1850;

State Street burial grounds



Dr. Charles Knickerbacker Winne, Jr.;

The Winne family;

Marriage records, Albany DRC, 1823-1964



The Van Derpoel family;

Index to Van Derpoel family;

Burial Records, Albany DRC, 1722-1737;



The Wiltsie family



New Netherland and its earliest families;

The Wiltsie family;

Anneke Jans, her 2 husbands and ten children;

Baptismal Records, Albany DRC, 1850-1860;

The exciting excavation of Old Fort Orange;

Kilian Van Rensselaer’s letter of instructions for purchase of his land;

The Van Rensselaers of the 17th century;

Jonathan Pearson;

Mrs Eagen celebrates her 102nd birthday

Amendments to the Constitution



Capt. Andrew Porter’s Journal;

The Dutch were true patriots;

Gysbert Cornelisz Van den Bergh genealogy;

The Van Rensselaer patroons of the 17th and 19th centuries;

The Van Schaick mansion



A heritage of history, First Church in Albany;

A Dutch legacy;

Our Dutch inheritance;

Halfmoon III;

The Van Eps family;

The Schenectady Stockade area;

Colonel Wm. Van Derpoel Hannay



Symon’s famous midnight ride;

Colonel Stephen J. Schuyler;

The Gardenier genealogy, 1st 2 generations;

A contribution to the Van Kleeck genealogy;

Constitution and by-laws of the Society



Our charter;

The Bratt papers;

A tale from Old Fort Orange;

The Gardenier genealogy continued;

A celebration of 200 years



Gen. Abm. Ten Broek;

The Fonda family;

Queen Beatrix visits Albany;

Albany County Tricentennial parade;

Corrections on Clauw family in 1962-1963 yearbook



Arent Van Curler and the fur trade at early Schenectady;

A charter day resolution;

The City of Albany Tricentenary;

Albany’s Tricentennial Celebration;

City of Albany’s Tricentennial parade;

Crew of Dutch Frigate visits Crailo;

A new old house reveals an older oldest house;

The Fonda family, Part II;

Index of Articles in the Society yearbooks



The Schoonmakers and the Hanseatic league;

Above ground archaelogy at the Witbeck site;

The Fort at Canastagione;

The Blanchans



The founding of Beverwijck;

Charity in 17th century Albany;

Women and the economy in Beverwijck;

Memories of Albany’s west end;

St Nicholas traditions of New Netherlands;



A Dutch Salisbury family;

The Staats homestead;

The Knickerbacker mansion restoration;

Albany’s darkest hour;

Backbone of the community;

Rotterdam reflections;

Towns that grew out of Albany;

Distinctive objects of New World Dutch farms;

A letter from the Netherlands;

The Dellemont/Wemple barn;



Seminar on ethnicity and genealogy: their interrelationship;

Albany’s riverfront revitalization program;

The end of feudalism in Albany’s Dutch Church;

Progress in re-erecting a Dutch barn;

Three mayors of Albany;

New Netherland’s 3 Van Schaick families;

Fleeing Indians: Albert Gysbertsen and Aeltje Wygerts;

Captain Samuel Schuyler;

The towns of New Scotland, Guilderland, Westerlo, and Knox

In memoriam: Geraldine Marie Burke, Marian Worth LaGrange Massad, Richard Henry Winne, Carolyn Wemple Payne, Christos Nicholas Apostle;

Descendants of Abraham Isaacsen VerPlank



Upcoming New Netherland exhibit to feature Dutch cultural history;

Some NYS descendants of Peter Winne;

North Albany Irish kid grows up a little Dutch;

Growing up in the Netherlands;

Memories of my Eddy Grandmothers;

The 2nd Dutch arrival in Albany, 1846;

Atlantic Creoles and Africans in Early New Netherland;

The Tompkins Collection;

Remembering the Hudson-Champlain year of history, 1959;

“Twee Jonkers” from Albany, 1959;

The Dutch roots of the 26th president of the US;

Life and death at the Albany County almshouse;

Excerpts from The Island at the Center of the World;

History of Green Island;

Albany’s first road marks another milestone



Henry Hudson and New Netherland

Windmills on the Hudson

The Hudson River Dayline

Dutch Origins of Albany County's Criminal Justice System: Albany County Sheriff 1630-1776

The Douw-Quackenbush Rum Distillery

This Old House Under our Noses

Dutch Twin Houses Saved for Future

The Slingerlandt House

Dutch Genealogy in Tarrytown-on-Hudson, NY as an Example of Different Sources

Descendants of Jacob Janse Schermerhorn through his son Cornelius

Children's Names in New Netherland, NY and NJ, 1639-1800

Fact to Fiction and Between: Utilizing Genealogy to Create Historical Fiction

Albany, NY's Two Famous Dogs

History of Arnoff's Albany RCA Building

Owney's Paw Prints in Albany: 1887-1896

The Tulip

Sister Cities

Tulip Time in Japan

Dutch Doughnuts

The Founding of Our Society

The Onrust Project: Building America's first Yacht



A Five Ws Approach to Genealogy Research

Cemetery Hopping In Upstate NY

Dedication Concerts for the Albany Carillon

Gravestones: The Last Vestiges of Pre-industrial Albany

The Life and Legend of A.J.F. van Laer

Cookies, Cookies: A Van Slyke-Vrooman Connection

Voyage of Discovery: Practical Application of Public History

The Lenape or Delaware Indians: Lower NY's 1st Inhabitants

William Gorham Rice and the Albany Carillon

Jeremias van Rensselaer Builds a House

"Kick off your wooden shoes!"

Composing a String Quartet About the Hudson

Where Two Worlds Meet

Getting to the Other Side

A Brief History of the Erie Canal and the Albany Basin

The Missing Branch: An Addendum to Cheryle Lynne Webber's article, Some NYS Descendants of Pieter Winne



Mabie Genealogy

The Dutch aand Dutch-Americans in the Revolution

Anneke Jans Bogardus

A Slave Named Caesar

Albany in the time of Cholera

A Beaver's Tale

The Staats DNA Project

The Bradt DNA Project

The Source of our Heritage

DNA, a Toolkit of Ways to Confirm and Explore your New Netherland Heritage

Our Unique NY Dutch Heritage

Learning in a One-Room Schoolhouse


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