The Dutch Settlers Society of Albany

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Original Application Guide

Instructions for Membership Application.doc

1.  The Original Application should be submitted to the Registrar in duplicate, typewritten form.

2.  Facts pertaining to your Ancestor must be documented fully and concisely.  Evidence must clearly demonstrate that the Ancestor settled in an area under the jurisdiction of The Court of Rensselaerswijck prior to the year 1665 or in Esopus (Kingston, NY) prior to the year 1661.

3.  Each entry in the line of ascent from the Applicant (line 1) to the Settler Ancestor MUST BE DOCUMENTED.  It is essential to tie each generation with the immediate succeeding generation.  The pertinent data on each document submitted MUST BE INDICATED BY A GENERATION NUMBER and underlined or otherwise highlighted.  Once such pertinent date or fact has been established.  STOP!! Multiple proofs serve no purpose.

4.  Preferred evidentiary documents are photocopies of birth certificates, marriage certificates showing names of parents, death certificates, divorce certificates, U.S. Census records, wills, deeds, and other land records, baptismal records naming parents, church records or Family Bible records showing dates and family relationships.  The title page showing publication date and publisher must be submitted if Family Bible records are used.  Data from tombstones may be cited if accompanied by a clear photograph of the entire inscription and the location of the grave (i.e. Name and location of cemetery).

5.  If published volumes are cited as evidence, photocopies of the full title, name of author, date of publication and edition number must be given.  Photocopies of published works must include the title page as well as pages supporting the claimed data.  References to secondary source material must be confined to publications which cite authorities for all generations used.  It must be recognized that many such publications contain errors or insufficient proof and are not acceptable.  Copies of applications used for other genealogical, patriotic or family associations are not acceptable.  Nor are allegations of fact, unsupported family histories, or statements based on tradition.

6.  Full personal family names are to be used at all times.  Location, or place, names may be abbreviated after the first use.

7.  All dates must be in sequence of day, written month and year (i.e. 31 Oct 1632).

8.  A check in the amount of forty dollars ($40.00) must be sent with each new application. ($20.00 admission fee and $20.00 first years dues).

Supplemental Application Guide

 Instructions for Supplemental Application.doc

The Supplemental Application should be completed as specified in the Original Application Guide above,

1.  Each entry on the line of ascent from the Applicant to the supplemental Ancestor MUST BE DOCUMENTED......EXCEPT......Where documentation has previously been submitted by the Applicant(i.e. Original Application for Membership or prior Supplemental Applications).

2.  The Applicant may refer to those applications on the appropriate generation line (i.e. See application for "Jon VanDoe").

3.  Nominations, recommendations, and notarizations are not required for Supplemental Applications.

4.  A ten dollar ($10.00) fee must be sent with each Supplemental Application submitted.

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